Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The season of little flowers

The butterfly wanted to find himself a sweetheart,
Of course one of the nice little flowers was what he wanted
So he had a look at them
But what a lot there were to choose from.
                  Hans Christian  Andersen

The lady who wrote this book is a friend of mine and her garden was full of little flower gems.
I picked some little flowers from the little plot I keep my tiny bulbs and plants in  to enjoy inside whilst I stitched...

    Just living is not enough;  said the butterfly,
        One must have sunshine, freedom and little flowers.

The first iris reticulata


Aconites with their cute wee green ruffs.

..from the Winter Flower Fairy book by Cecily Mary Barker.

The appearance of snowdrops in my garden every year never fails to thrill me. My  love and fascination  for them  never diminishes.  It's usually about this time that I get out my much loved Secret Garden book to read again.

As with a lot of flowers interesting folklore has evolved.

..a double snowdrop in my woodland garden.

...of course I can't resist picking some to keep me company..

...another favourite book Portrait of a NZ garden by Kerry Carmen has some lovely pencil sketches...

Vintage postcard.

To brighten up the living room I bought this bright and cheery pot plant..

..it's a Kalanchoe.

...some fiery skies to brighten up the evenings..

Have a happy, healthy week.