Monday, October 28, 2013

donkeys, daisies and chooky!

It was a bittersweet week this week, we farewelled our little Archie.  Having been sick so much he hasn't had the company he loves and deserves a lovely lady rung and asked if we were interested in re homing any of our donkeys...and she has little children...our Archie will love it!!! all the love and attention , pet days etc. We miss him but we have enjoyed him so much and have loved him heaps.

A bit windblown in the hair department! was very very windy on the day he left.

Not to be left out....    

Stan, Storm and Jake...

Jake and Storm

Stan....and daisies.....

Our little Rosecomb bantam with the original name of "Chooky" ! 
She was the only Rosecomb chick to hatch from our incubator last year, she is very quiet and especially loves the man of the house.

 She is a very good pest buster ....

Have a happy week, enjoy every day.



Never having had a diary before....

I have found it fascinating to have had a ' blog diary', complete with's comforting and soothing to look back and see the seasons and garden completing their cycles ..and the earth continuing on....

...the little wild daisies flowering again....

"Daisies are our silver,
Buttercups our gold:
this is all the treasure
we can have or hold.

Raindrops are our diamonds
and the morning dew;
While for shining sapphires
we've the speedwell blue.
These shall be our emeralds
leaves so new and green."

We have had some welcome rain, but it hasn't quite known when to stop.  At the weekend we also had snow on the lawn and looking back at my blog I see we had some around the same time last year.
Spring weather so unpredictable!  I have enjoyed it as had another unexpected trip and stay in hospital with yet more surgery, coming home to the garden and nature makes it so exciting and I see everything through fresh eyes.

the sweet, delicate perfume of Migonette , daphne and the pretty blue of forget-me- nots .

The balmy fragrance of the wisteria has wafted down the verandah and drifted its sweet scent inside on the warmer days.

There has been a lot of very industrious nest building continuing in the garden....up the path to the front door,

a thrush has built a nest in the clematis on the left, sparrows have nests in the climbing hydrangea under the kitchen window, a blackbird has a nest in the viburnum on the right.....

one egg so far.

I love birds eggs.


I have finished the sneaky creature cross stitches for the girls and had them framed.  A few years ago the man of the house gave me a beautiful X-stitch kit designed by Marjolein Bastin, I worked on it for many hours but hadn't got round to having it framed,  It came back this week and I am really happy with where to hang's actually quite big......

it encompasses so many of the natural things I love...

...fungi, nuts and oh how I wish we had wee squirrels in NZ!

...butterflies and 


 And Bees  ...there have been lots of big Bumblebees sleeping on the wisteria absolutely sated by the nectar or the fragrance.....

 Of course some picking for the house went on this week, 


 aren't the crisp greens, whites and blues of spring entrancing!!!

Twenty Blessings

May the best hour of the day be yours.
May luck go with you from hill to sea.
May you stand against the prevailing wind.
May no forest intimidate you.
May you look out from your own eyes,
May near and far attend you.
May you bathe in the suns rays.
May you have milk, cream, substance.
May your actions be effective.
May your thoughts be affective.
May you will both the wild and the mild.
May you sing the lark from the sky.
May you place yourself in circumstance.
May you be surrounded by goldfinches.
May you pause among alders.
May your desire be infinite.
May what you touch be touched.
May the company be less for your leaving.
May you walk alone beneath the stars.
May your embers still glow in the morning.



Saturday, October 5, 2013

more garden time

The hundred perfumes of the little
flower-garden beneath scented the air around; the deep green meadows
shone in the morning dew that glistened
on every leaf as it trembled in the gentle air; and the birds sang as if
every sparkling drop were a fountain
of inspiration to them.

Charles Dickens

The exceeding beauty of the earth,
in her splendour of life, yields
a new thought 
with every petal.

R Jefferies

double pink tulips own little bluebell, match head wood.

Wed 17 may 1876

Over the gate of the meadow there leaned a beautiful wild cherry tree, snowy with blossom, that scented the air far and wide.
And along the wild broken bank and among the stems of the hawthorn hedge there grew a profusion of bluebells.   I never saw bluebells more beautiful.  They grew tall and stately, singly or in groups, and sometimes in such a crowd that they filled the hollow places and deep shadows of the overarching hedge with sweet blue gloom and tender azure mist among the bright young fern.  Here or there a sunbeam found its way through a little window or skylight in the thick leafage overhead and singling out one blue bell amongst the crowd tipped the rich and heavily hanging cluster of bells with a brilliant azure gleam and blue glory, crowning the flower a queen among her ladies and handmaidens who stood around in the background and green shade. 

Kilverts Diary 

...doesn't this paint a charming word picture.

old wagon wheels and bluebells in the paddock.

I don't know what you call a white  ? blue bell?....but I love them too...

I think this tree is a type of Maple each spring it has silken tassels that delight me....

In the little plot I keep for tiny treasures a fritillaria is flowering.
The markings are so detailed it's amazing...almost like it has been painstakingly hand painted...


...and shade.

spring fresh maple leaves ....

...and some anenomes that are getting tired but have flowered for weeks in the pot at the back door cheering on even the dullest grey days.  

Last week a friend and I spent the afternoon happily sewing.  We had the book Simple Handmade by the lovely Melissa of the Tiny Happy Blog.  We made little bonnets, the patterns are all in the back of the book, it was great fun, they went together simply and turned out pretty.  Mine still need embellishing, will work on that this week.  We want to get together again and try out some of the other patterns in the book. 

We used woollen fabric and lined them with cotton, they came out so well they are reversible.

 I love being at home, and enjoying every precious day.

If you have a mind at peace
a heart that cannot harden, go find a door
that opens wide
upon a lovely garden.

may the week be kind to you.

the little owl

...I was very excited this week to meet a special little bird. Hooty the owl, the practice my husband works for had a little owl brought into them.  He had been hurt somehow and had a damaged eye and lost a lot of feathers and skin off his head, they have been caring for him and he is doing well.


..he is so quiet and gentle...

...and wise looking...

..he has little trousers...

and beautiful feather markings.

It was amazing seeing and holding this intriguing little bird.