Monday, October 28, 2013

donkeys, daisies and chooky!

It was a bittersweet week this week, we farewelled our little Archie.  Having been sick so much he hasn't had the company he loves and deserves a lovely lady rung and asked if we were interested in re homing any of our donkeys...and she has little children...our Archie will love it!!! all the love and attention , pet days etc. We miss him but we have enjoyed him so much and have loved him heaps.

A bit windblown in the hair department! was very very windy on the day he left.

Not to be left out....    

Stan, Storm and Jake...

Jake and Storm

Stan....and daisies.....

Our little Rosecomb bantam with the original name of "Chooky" ! 
She was the only Rosecomb chick to hatch from our incubator last year, she is very quiet and especially loves the man of the house.

 She is a very good pest buster ....

Have a happy week, enjoy every day.




  1. Hello, it is nice to hear Archie is starting a new chapter in his life. I had noticed you were not posting and wondered if you were ok, so it is good to read a post.

  2. Thank you, I am feeling a lot better now.

    Archie has settled in well to his new home and is adored by the little children...he will be lapping up the attention, we are going to visit him soon.
    Have a happy day.