Saturday, November 2, 2013

Early summer dreamings....

...each new season a gardener looks forward to what is coming along in the soil, we are eternal optimists always hoping that the wind and weather won't ruin all the delicate foliage and flowers.
I have found that no matter what the weather deals to foxgloves they always look great!  and of course they are one of my favourite flowers...

...on the way to the henhouse.

The song of the Foxglove fairy

"Foxglove, Foxglove,
What do you see?"
The cool green woodland,
The fat velvet bee;
Hey Mr Bumble,
I've honey here for thee!

"Foxglove, Foxglove, 
what see you now?"
The soft summer moonlight 
On bracken, grass and bough;
And all the fairies dancing
As only they kno0w how.

Cecily Mary |Barker

I love picking them and they last so well indoors.

October in NZ brings equinoctial gales (we have been experiencing a touch of these today!!) also brought a lovely present from some special friends who dwell in Canada, this beautiful desktop calendar, a cute birdie teatowel and a very special handcrafted necklace , complete with exquisite hand painted card.  (I feel very spoilt)

Today my lovely sister' n law came  out for the day and helped me in the garden, it was great to be out in the fresh air.

little daisies

Wedding Cake Viburnum at gate to the pond

"We all take 
different paths in life,
but no matter where we go,
we take a little
of each other everywhere."



Clematis on the picket fence to the herb garden

In the little plot I have my special treasures there is a teeny tiny Aquilegia  braving the strong breezes!!
It is a lovely antique shade of lavender...

...some bigger cousins in the border....

Lilac to pick and perfume the house.

There was a lot of crafting going on here!!!  some embellishments added to sewing and knitting.

 ...some of this pile can now be put away...

...the tea cosy with the hollyhocks  is a bit ad-lib and is still at this stage!  

Cut out and put together some bunny cot quilts....such fun using up cute fabrics.

unfortunately in real life, some bunnies have been visiting me and filling their baskets with tasty treats!!  a lot of chewed off plantlets!!

.....delicious nibbles!!!

   The week has flown by.   

"Being happy
doesn't mean that
everything is perfect.
It means that you've decided
to look
beyond the imperfections."





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