Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cluckin and nesting!

There is a lot of this going on round here.  Our Chooky has decided she would like to have some chickens and is sitting tight on her nest...we so hope there will be a hatching!!  I adore chickys!!

...the little baby thrushes from last week have grown so much...

...I think they will soon be fully fledged and fly away.

Beside our bedroom window in a climbing Hydrangea is a  very messy, untidy and noisy nest!!!

it is inhabited by a sparrow family!  we got up on a ladder to try and see the chicks but the nest is so deep you can hear the babies but not see them.   
The morning arguments about who is going out for worms at the break of dawn is deafening!  Mr and Mrs Sparrow have some very loud arguments and scoldings!!

..I do like the fact that she has added a touch of blue...

...obviously very good colour choice!

...there is a whole lot of clashing brightness going on outside my card making hut...but I like the makes me smile....

my 2 self seeded nasturtiums ....! I thought I would have heaps  but no....just 2...

...also bright,  the flowers from a scented geranium...
in one of my favourite little jugs.   I have put some cuttings in pots and hope they grow.

The leaves dry and retain their fragrance but not their colour, I like to use them in scented bags's hoping the cuttings take!


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