Friday, November 22, 2013

A sea of blue forget-me nots...

...they are almost past now but the forget-me-nots have put on a very pretty display in the garden for a number of weeks.

They are now at the stage where they want to stick their little seeds to your clothing and come inside...

one by one
in the infinite
blossomed the
lovely stars.

(Longfellow) one of my Scrapbooks I found these snippets about these dear little flowers.... do get a feeling of shyness when you look at one of these little flowers....

I sewed up the Beatrix Potter quilt tops this week ready to get pleased to have these ticked off my list.

some close ups of some of the fabric...

My favourite rose has been picked and brought indoors....

love this container given to me by a friend...

and as this week comes to a close I hope I will have more energy next week ...still so much I want to do....

...we have repainted our bedroom, I have made new curtains and a little titivating has been happening, will have to take some photo's for my next post.

Have a happy week

 A friend brought over this lovely bouquet from her garden ...perfect in our newly purchased crock, the white Brides Blossom smells heavenly...

 ...and almost forgot some of those little hym books from last week found a spot on the mantlepiece along with some UK trip memorbilia...the little robin is handmade Irish pottery.

..and because Christmas is coming up I found these lovely tin stars in a shop have hung up first decos of the season...






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