Sunday, May 19, 2013

back home

After 3 weeks in hospital (getting amazing care) it's lovely to be back home....

just to see the sky, the clouds and breathe deeply the fresh air! the aromatic woodsmoke, walk through fallen autumn leaves and delight in being close to nature again. enjoy the changing light in the garden...

to hear the little fountain bubbling away.... see the leaves changing colour....

...admire the dew drops on the Tulip trees fallen leaves... think about getting back into my card making little hut....

....rejoice in the fact that finally I have some calendulas that have seeded and popped up!

The deliciousness of being in my own comfy bed...pale blue and white spotted flannelette sheets with a hot water bottle tucked in by my feet...such simple bliss!

Our girls came home to be with the man of the house and me for my surgery, they are angels! and  due to some complications I didn't get to come home as soon as I could have so our time at home together was short...they did however leave me some beautiful Mothers Day gifts.

...these beautiful china flowers from Thrifty Fox, 

this can't wait to wear it Laura Ashley dress from Melbourne daughter!!

After I got home from hospital my lovely friends from the shop I work at delivered a gorgeous bouquet...the colours and perfume are beautiful.

Whilst in hospital I was overwhelmed by the beautiful flowers, fruit, and gifts friends and family gave me.. made all the difference....

....this is the view from the kitchen window , a glowing tree.
Today there is an ethereal mist trailing her fingers through the trees and giving the garden a magical touch is elusive  and I have been unable to capture it on my camera, little flurries of falling leaves every now and then ....don't you just love Autumn....

"Live in the moment, discover and delight in the simplest things.
Right now
a moment of time is fleeting by.
Capture its reality...
become the moment." 

(Paul Cezanne)

Have a happy week 


  1. Welcome home ~ glad to hear you are back in your own comfy little world again. ~ with snuggly sheets and a hot water bottle, Yummy!
    Your Hut looks very appealing ~ and I DO love Autumn, though here we are just watching spring unfold....

  2. Thanks for the welcome home...My wee hut is great, I can make heaps of mess with paper etc and just leave it without messing up the table inside!
    Spring is such an exciting time...hope you are getting some sunshine too.

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling stronger.
    I adore your blog and all your surroundings and your books and dishes!
    And that is such a pretty dress~

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for your lovely comment! I love your are so clever ! I love seeing what you take out of your kiln!
      Summer is a wee way the summery dress is something to look forward to.

  4. I am happy of that your are in your home again, the field is very beautiful from your home, I wish you a good recovery, and you sending much I encourage and force from here, regards, up to soon

    1. Thank you for your good wishes and encouragement... it really helps.
      It is lovely being home again.
      Have a happy week.