Sunday, September 23, 2012

Into every life some rain must fall....

and I have had a large stormy shower in mine.  The last couple of weeks have held unexpected health news.  I have been diagnosed with cancer so the past days have been a whirl of tests, scans and appointments.  Every single person I have had contact with has been lovely...

My family is amazing and without them I wouldn't feel so strong and able to fight and stand up to this situation I find myself in.
Friends have been wonderful, everyday the mailman delivers little envelopes and parcels  of love.

these little pottery shells came all the way from Great Barrier Island from a friend of my daughter.
they are exquisite ....

Life goes on and it is such an exciting time of year.

 one little chicken hatched from our eggs in the incubator....he is like me..doesn't like having his photo taken.. He is very cute.

The donkeys have been getting frisky.

we have lambs and daffodils in the paddocks,

Spring has sprung at our place!!!

 Every year when the primroses flower in my garden I like to get out the two little pieces of chintz ware that I have...they are adorned with primroses...and I love to pick garden primroses and have them in the house where I can see them, this spring they are in the kitchen.

I am not sure if I will be posting every week for a while, but I will still be popping in to check out all my fav blogs and blog friends in  lovely blog land.

"But there is something about time
The sun rises and sets.
The stars swing slowly across the sky and fade.
Clouds fill with rain and snow,
empty themselves 
and fill again.
The moon is born and dies, and is reborn.
Around millions of clocks swing hour hands,
Around goes the continual circle
of the notes of the scale.
Around goes the circle of night and day
the circle of weeks forever revolving,
and of months and years." 

( Author unknown to me)

Have a happy week ...whatever season you are enjoying.


  1. I had noticed you had missed a week of posting and I am very saddened to hear why. I am sending healing thoughts across the ocean for you x

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts they will help! x