Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good bye August...Hello Spring

The last days of August swept quickly by in sun and warmth....

1 September is officially the first day of spring and it certainly felt like it.  Here  in the deep south we have had beautiful weather ...although not our usual much cooler temperatures's felt more like early summer!!

The little lawn daisies (Bellis Perennis) have been tricked into thinking it's early summer.  The old saying "if you can cover seven daisies with your foot summer has come" were true it would be summer now ..they are pretty aren't they.

Last week I was asked to do a display at Herb Society on companion plants, it was so interesting doing some reading up on the subject, unfortunately it is still pretty early to have many herbs above ground and flowering.   Some of my favourite flowers are Foxgloves  two of the books I looked up mentioned them as good companions for Apple trees. Foxgloves planted beneath apple trees reduces disease in the trees and apples from the trees will also keep longer...and look so pretty too I think!
Foxgloves in a vase will help give other flowers in the vase longer life as cut can also steep the leaves , flowers and stems in boiling water and when it has cooled add the liquid to flower vases to extend the vase life of your bouquets.  

I had to cheat a wee bit....planted a foxglove plant in a pot and popped in some silk flowers!!!

Marigolds the good old fashioned common Calendula which some people regard as a weed and I have trouble growing!!!  these have always been a favourite companion plant, however I wasn't aware that the roots give off a substance which drives away eel-worm, making them good to plant near potatoes, tomatoes and roses!   ....and the French Marigolds will kill couch grass or twitch when planted in areas of it!!!
I like to use the flowers of Calendula Officinalis to make make ointment, it has wonderful healing properties.  It is very good for badly cracked hands too.

They are a lovely clear orange aren't they!  The ointment is a lovely golden colour when you make it.

2 little herbal tussie mussies all good companion plants, mint, sage, parsley, garlic chives, lavender, rosemary, honeywart, and pansies.

As I left to go to town for the meeting at 6.30 it was just getting dark,  there was a beautiful moon ....

The night will never stay,
The night will still go by,
Though with a million stars
You pin it to the sky;
Though you bind it with the blowing wind
And buckle it with the moon,
The night will slip away
Like sorrow or a tune.

(by E Farjeon)

On the crafting front it is yet more finishing off of abandoned projects!  this week I have been working on a childs jersey that I had started and not gotten very far on  (quite a while ago), the wool is pretty and the pattern simple, so not sure why this was cast aside in favour of something else!!!  I made a little hat last night with the left over wool.
Have been sewing them up this afternoon so they will be finished and put away at the end of today....definitely..for sure!!

Have also been working on the bee cushion which needs to be completed this week and have done a little more on the patchwork quilt.

In the garden there has been some weeding, part of a small pathway of flat rocks started, but have run out of rocks so will have to gather some more from the 'flat rock' beach. There are lots of little violets sweetening the air, primroses and matchheads, crocus and daffodils.  My pots on the verandah have been a bit slow at coming into flower but they are looking bright and chirpy now!

mmmmm.....those hyacinths smell divine!

Flowers inside in the porch this week,

   Have a happy week !!


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  1. Enjoyed wandering thru your blog. You are definitely in the southern hemisphere with Spring in September! Nice blog.