Saturday, August 25, 2012

everyday happenings

I was going to write that it has been an ordinary week but everyday has it's special moments doesn't it.?..and sometimes the most ordinary of moments can make you happy!  I find most days are full of happy moments that add up to a happy day which add up to a happy week.

This week I was surprised and thrilled to learn that my painting of the little cottage sold at our art exhibition!!

On a visit to the bookshop to collect a book I had ordered, found that another book with the same title had been sent....the book I wanted was in the shop all the time.....but....I fell in love with the book that had been sent they both came home!

I haven't started the novel yet but have read some of the is so interesting, lots of folklore and intriguing facts, the illustrations are gorgeous!!!

We have been having such beautiful days that I have had to give up waiting for cold wet days on my days off and just do some crafting anyway.

Had lots of fun making these from 'Air drying clay', it comes all ready to go you just have to roll it out or mould it as you wish.

I have a friend with a birthday coming up, she lives in a lovely home called Beeswing, isn't that such a cool name .  I wanted to make something for her that included bees.  I found this lovely vintage print on the 'Graphics Fairy' site which has a lot of free downloads.  Iron on transfer paper for printers  and then a hot iron and a fabric print !!!  it doesn't take long but you have to be patient and wait until the fabric has cooled a little before removing the backing paper... very happy!
I had some bee fabric in the stash ...a cushion will be made I think.

We had some new items arrive at the shop this week and I succumbed to the "wanties" and came home with this pretty vintage looking lantern  (ahem..and a candle holder which is gorgeous but it's still in it's box as yet)

Early in the week we had 2 dastardly frosts which ruined some rhodos that were looking very pretty, however it had it's own beauty if you ignored the rhody massacre...

frost does lovely things to ordinary old winter kale in the vege patch decorating  the leaves with silver.

The nights were so cold that we had to bring our newly purchased egg incubator into the kitchen as it was struggling to stay up to temperature in the garage.  We are hoping it won't have affected the eggs too much as we had only put them in that evening.  Last season our wee bantams were undecided about motherhood..they would sit on eggs for a week and then decide they would give taking no chances this year!!  Will use the incubator and hopefully little bantams may be more settled and hatch some too.

The electric chook

Most days I go for a walk getting out and enjoying the seasons and nature is a simple way to be happy.  
We have some really big Macrocarpa trees behind our sheds, lots of birds make their homes in them.  Every season we have a family of Blue Herons that return to nest in them.  We also hear a little owl calling from them. While making cards in my little shed the other morning, little owl was doing lots of calling.  I sneaked out to see if I could see him and 2 wee owls took exciting to finally catch a glimpse of him/them! 

We had a night at Riverton last night and went for a walk on the beach this morning...we almost stumbled upon a very sleekit leopard seal, they can be quite vicious so we kept our distance and watched him head off into the waves.

Most days though I pass these yearling cattle , we like to exchange greetings!

" she really should walk faster if she wants to get fit ...."

" she's wearing that hat again the one with the swingy tassel..."

 " LOL it seems to make her feel what can you say!....."

I really do wonder what they are saying to each other some days!!

Some happy spring garden  delights...

enjoy the special moments ....


  1. Congratulations on selling your painting! I love frosty mornings and how frost can make everything so beautiful and glittery. I noticed last night that there was a distinct chill in the air here and the seasons are definently turning. Good! Our summer has been wet for the most part. You did a good job on the clay tags and I think your friend will be immensely happy with such a thoughtful gift. I look forward to seeing the finished cushion. Books often come onto my path without me having chosen them and I always find there is a reason for this happening... enjoy your week ahead x

    1. Thankyou! I was pretty astounded about the painting selling! We have had such a dry spring so far, we need some water for our tank. It's not usually a problem at this end of the country!
      Hope your books have arrived, I love my books like friends...have a lovely week x