Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Days

It has been fantastic having our 2 girls home for a holiday!!!!!!! We miss them terribly so being all together was just great.  We didn't go too far from home, just had some day jaunts.
An afternoon at Bluff for Fish and Chips, it was a very misty drizzly afternoon so a short walk and afternoon tea at the Jolly Sailor and home again.
A day at Riverton with an afternoon drive to Tuatapere, with stops along the way. First stop Monkey Island, not named for anything to do with little monkeys but for some sort of flying fox thingy used to get stuff to and from the little island... I think... something like that anyway.

looking down towards Te Wae Wae Bay

you can walk out to the island and climb to the top where there is a viewing platform when the tide is out.

Then on down the coast to Te Wae Wae Bay where we saw a whale!!!!!!! they are often sighted in this bay but we have never been privileged to see one here before.  It was holiday magic.

It's a big bay and in stormy conditions the waves are huge, it's awe inspiring and magnificent.

hoping for another glimpse of a whale.

Another fine day we headed off to a beach nearer home. We love this beach as we are usually the only people on it.

The thermette was fired up and we had a relaxing afternoon picnic and walk on the beach .

Frasers Beach looking out towards Stewart Island and Bluff.

On the homefront some crafting was done.  Knitted bath mats, recycling old sheets, great fun and very thrifty.  The pattern is a cocoknits one found on the net.

funnily enough blue and white for me....

more blue for me...

and more colourful for elder daughter, she left out the cable.

We paid a visit to a special friend who has just had a dear wee girl, I had knitted a little hat from this book...she will have  grow into it as she is a dainty little dot.

The bathroom was given the seal of approval...

There were some belated birthday gifts...

lovely pearls and some handcrafted goodness too.

And from Melbourne dwelling daughter some chirpy little bookends

and  a bag with a dragonfly...which may become a cushion I think...

Very very spoilt !!!!

The days went by so fast and now it's back to just 2 in the quiet house!!! sob...

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