Saturday, August 18, 2012

getting things done

I like lists!! I like ticking things off the list!!! I like to feel like I have achieved something in the can be a very small thing...something round the house...or out in the garden..a letter written...a parcel sent...crafting progress...baking...anything really can be put on the list, in my mind or on paper.

This week I needed to make some Laundry Liquid as I had run out.  As I try to use as few chemicals as I can and try to lead a more natural chemical free and environmentally friendly life making this laundry liquid is in that category...and it smells so much nicer than commercial products.  This recipe is from Wendyl Nissen, she has a blog and a website called The Green Goddess, she has written 3 great books filled with hints and recipies this is from 'domestic goddess on a budget'

It's quick, simple and easy to whip up.

and it's very economical.

soap dissolving pretty and frothy  !

Tick that off the list!

Have finally got all the squares sewn up for the patchwork quilt I am doing so needed to get it laid out  and pinned in row order  etc.

Tick that off the list!

Needed to do a bit of pruning back in the wilderness at the end of the garden,  I do like it wild but it needs restraining sometimes...

the prunings I put through the chipper and now they're all mulch.

Tick that off the list!

Finished the Hellebore stitchery.

Tick that off the list!

Made some Lavender bags as I want to send some off to someone who isn't well.

 I stamp them with waterproof ink suitable for fabric, they are filled with lavender, scented geranium leaves, lemon verbena and chamomile...they smell lovely.

Tick that off the list!

Of course you also have to forget about lists sometimes and just enjoy every day.

(especially double hellebores!)


A lovely old picture I bought this week.  


evening light touching the trees.

...and thats another week. 


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