Saturday, August 11, 2012


It's been another busy week, early starts at work and hectic days that fly past, and it's home time before you know it.

There's been some painting going on here, a bedroom next to the bathroom had some holes put through the wall accidentally by the builder whilst he was working on the bathroom!!! as he is going to fix them and paint the room for us we felt we should freshen up the ceiling.  Hopefully Mr Builder might come this week as having the house in a state of chaos since April is beginning to be tiring.

I got back to Art class this week and finished a painting of a little cottage at Burkes Pass  ( south Canterbury , the entrance to the Mackenzie country), I have seen this little house a couple of times.

We have an art class exhibition in a couple of weeks so I think I might put this one in.

We have had some lovely sunny days down here, so have been in the garden enjoying the spring flowers.

Found some moments to do some stitching on my Hellebore  cross stitch, ( the pattern is Christmas Rose Sampler by Maria Gossard, Cedar Hill )

Melbourne daughter is having a birthday soon and the parcel to be posted off needed some special additions, so off to one of my favourite shops 'A Little Bird Told Me', (you can find it on Facebook) this very special shop has so many temptations on offer, some new,  some vintage but all very individual and not mass produced.  So many delights that would be suitable but choices had to made, of course these have to remain a secret at the mo....however...I did pick up a dear wee plate for myself.

Saturday was fine so we met up with friends and went floundering at Oreti beach, the sea was freezing!  we had great fun but probably looked a bit crazy in wetsuits with woolly hats on in the surf, we didn't catch anything, all flounders remained swimming free,  so it was off to the Fish and Chip shop for our tea.

Today its cold with a drizzly rain ....perfect for sitting by the fire and stitching.

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