Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where has all my blossom gone....

.....its blowing in the wind!!!! 

...and I must say it did look very pretty whirling and dancing across the lawn like snow, usually it gets to stay on the trees a little longer than it has though.

The lovely Spring warmth, blue skies and windless days have gone....we have the fire roaring along and we're tucked up indoors! 

Outside at the back of the house, the rhodo's and a green viburnum are making a lovely show.  Looking through the bathroom window with it's opaque glass it's like looking into  a big frothy pink piece of candyfloss...

How would you ever choose a favourite flower!  Each season seems to bring one you look forward the moment the Solomans Seal is making its demure appearance, some people regard this plant as a weed as it spreads quite readily but I adore's so graceful with its arching stems and flower droplets.  It lasts for ages in vases so I pick armfuls of it for inside..its especially lovely in tall containers or put up high so you get the full benefit of it's graceful stems.

I have often wondered how this plant got it's name, after a bit of reading it appears that when the roots are cut transversely the patterns revealed resemble Hebrew characters.  It is also said that King Soloman who knew and believed in  the virtues and diversities of plants has set his seal on it in testimony of it's value to man as a medicinal root.

One herbalist of old thought that it's name was given partly because the root bears markings like a seal - but more because of it's use in sealing up and healing of old wounds, broken bones etc.

This year the wisterias on the verandah are just beginning to flower (last spring some vandalistic little sparrows cut off most of the buds for fun! this season they haven't been interested in doing that...maybe they have grown up a bit!!!)

I have had another session of chemotherapy so have had some knitting time, the second little 'rainbow blanket' only needs a couple of rows to be completed. 

Next project i think will be this x-stitch pattern I bought earlier in the year.

cute aye!...I love the way they are sneaking along....going where? do what?........ something naughty for sure!
 So some happy stitching hours ahead.

Tulips from a friend.

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray."


Have a happy week doing what you love.

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