Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beauty in common things

Another round of Chemo has been and next week it will be time again.  It is amazing in how short space of time your life can change....and your world becomes a little smaller, being unwell and confined to home .   I so love my wee nest and garden that it hasn't been so difficult to enjoy the every day joys that make up my life.
I have had a beautiful old book for many years and it's title is Beauty in Common Things, the words say it all, the cover is gorgeous ( and funnily enough...Blue!), it has beautiful illustrations. It is making an appearance in the living room where I can enjoy it.

...see what I mean!

It is very old and was awarded as an art prize, I can only imagine how the girl who received this must have treasured it.

It is quite old and in perfect condition.  

All of the illustrations include an insect the colours are beautiful and each picture has a tissue paper page to protect it that whispers as you turn it...

each page has a little information on the plant shown as well as quotations and little bits of poetry. 

Not a lot of crafting has been happening as I am out of action for about a week each fortnight now ,  however I did have a x stitch framed and hung up , it is above the book, 

so as well as enjoying the beauty in common things I am reminded to live each season as it passes.
My world is beautiful!!!

The garden is doing some very pretty painting, embellishing and embroidering of its own, 

come rain or shine the wisteria is gracing the verandah.

and this little guy had a lazy bumbly snooze  on a sunny afternoon....

Molly Bailey a gorgeous tree peony has decided to really put on her finery this year...after a long wait...but it has been worth it!

not to be out done my favourite Viburnum is looking her best as well...

I am still picking arm loads of Solomans Seal for the house,

 It has been overwhelming the love and support we are receiving from friends, the daily mail with pretty cards and caring words, the beautiful and thoughtful gifts, the cooking, posies, phone calls and emails what wonderful people are in our lives. A parcel arrived from Canada and enclosed was the most gorgeous twig spoon and some fabric that is so pretty I am scared to cut into it. The spoon is so exquisite!!!!  

We have had our two beautiful daughters home, they have looked after us and been amazing, cooking, gardening, cleaning etc and making sure I am doing what I am supposed to be!!!
Our little Thrifty Fox arrived back to her home to find that her partner and special friends had had a huge working bee and constructed some raised vege gardens for her as a surprise......overwhelming yet again the kind and good people around us.
Our Melbourne daughter has had the support and care of her friends and work colleagues , we are all just so grateful.

Every spring I get out this little girl and fill her basket with tiny flowers.

" Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life."

 (marcus aurelius)

Have a happy week enjoying each day.


  1. I love the girl flower basket and seeing your beautiful Spring garden. We still have the odd gladioli in flower, but that is about it for colour in the garden. We are getting a bit of hurricane Sandy's remnants of wind and rain which have whisked away the last of the autumnal leaves. I will be interested to see what you make with your lovely fabric, it seems it was made for you.

    I think you should make a trip to your beach house to spend some time with the dolphins... they are healing creatures. Another enjoyable post with lots of beauty. Sending healing thoughts your way x

    1. thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, they really cheer me up.xx
      Gladiolas are such a hardy flower and last so long in vases, and its so good they are just that wee bit later to give some autumn cheer.

      Hope hurricane sandy didn't cause too much damage to your garden.

      I am looking forward to getting down to our beach house, I have had some good days this week which has been very exciting.

      Chemo again on Tues, so after I feel better I hope to start doing some patchwork, or fabric crafting.

      hope you have a lovely week.