Sunday, November 18, 2012


Yes !!! Elvis and I got together this week!!!

I needed to paint my verandah furniture and the Resene paint colour I chose was "Elvis" !!!! French blue would sound more cottagey but Elvis it is !'s a vibrant blue!

 I had such a great day water blasting and painting  that after tea I decided some new cushions were needed so whipped some up from a thrifted table cloth that has the same blue hue!

I have just looked out the window and sitting on the back of one of  the chairs under the trees a little thrush is singing very loudly....I suspect her song is  Blue Suede Shoes!!!
...  and my blue suede boots took me for a walk along one of our favourite paths beside the sea at Bluff on Friday...

Even the sign at Bluff has Elvis blue as a background.....


looking from Bluff towards Stewart Island.

...the view from Stirling Point at Bluff looking towards the Dog Island lighthouse.

Blue-the colour of sunny skies
And of a new-born baby's eyes;
Of magic distances and space,
Of placid seas and dress of lace;
Of Kingfisher, and bluetit, too,
Who proudly flaunt their heavenly blue;
Of smiling blue bells in a wood
On summer eve when life is good.
No other colour is so kind
As blue for bringing peace of mind.

(author unknown)

............Elvis is in the house!!!! 
  just noticed the glass in the door into the kitchen is 'Elvis blue'!!!!

I have had a fantastic week, full of energy and feeling great, my lovely oncologist 'tweaked' my chemo drugs and I feel so well. A darling friend close to my heart came and stayed for a couple of days,  there was non stop chatter and laughter, lots of catching up....

Have a happy week

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