Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I think we'll call him ....

....Archie!  it's taken a bit of deliberation, consultation with daughters etc...but we think he suits his name!

 He really is sweet...he's even had baby gifts! Friends arrived with booties for him and a carrot bouquet for Mum!!

This is a photo of a photo, as in the excitement of the bootie fitting I left my camera in the house...he was very good about wearing his gift...

and a few more photos! cos you know how it is with new babies!

...what was that you said Mum?

It's been a lovely week, my lovely oncologist and oncology nurses have given me a week off chemo so I have been feeling good...and it's been a week of parcels!
A surprise parcel filled with goodies from my daughter..

some rosy fabrics that will be fun to sew...

A very pretty shirt in my favourite colours...and she finds the coolest books....

The Seashore book has exquisite water colour illustrations...


...we had a night at the seaside it was very relaxing.

when you find yourself in a difficult spot you just have to do the best you can!


I have done a little bit of crafting this week too, put some doilies on bathmats and towels for a wedding gift to a friends daughter.

did some stitching and crocheted edgings on some tea towels, knitted some dish cloths too.

 ...ordered and received a parcel for myself..


some Greengate china....I love it!!

We had a trip through to Dunedin for me to have an MRI, and we did call at one second hand shop...I was very restrained ..just one book and a plate for $3...

...the book is an Enid Blyton one .....

Have done some gardening....early autumn flowers are doing their thing...

....posies from friends...

The sun is getting lower in the sky threw some shadows from the lace curtains in our room onto the wall.....

 Have a happy week.






  1. Awwwww Archie ~ Perfect name! So cute, love the close looking eyeball shot!
    Enjoy seeing all your goodies, and wonderful books (looove good illustrations!)and pretty flowers...*sigh. Just lovely. :)))

  2. Glad you like the name!
    The close up was him trying to sniff the camera!
    have a happy week