Friday, March 22, 2013

catching up....

....on so many things.  Have been off Chemotherapy for a couple of weeks, my energy is returning! it's great. Have had some encouraging news.. involves radiotherapy..soon...then some major surgeries starting next have been out in the garden doing some autumn cutting back and tidying...was very lucky to have a lovely friend come and much quicker with 2.

Mary Rose has been lovely..

"Flowers....are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world"

 (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

...also made some binding for the 3 quilts that have been sitting waiting to be bound, thought if I get organised now with the machining part I could do the hand stitiching while recuperating..this involved a lot of cutting and pressing, but have finally got started.

...crocheted round some face flannels for a bit of light relief!

....made up some lavender and lemon verbena scented bags with some doilies from the 'stash'...

Took some time to admire some sunny day clouds....

and have a walk at the river....which is very low, we would love to have some rain.

a little stilt taking a paddle.

Of course there had to be some Archie time too....he's growing fast...'s very hard to get a photo when he wants to sniff the camera.. cute! improving..

..can itch his own clever!

The autumn flowers are appearing and bringing some cheery faces inside..

I love that beautiful light you sometimes get in the evenings...we have had some lovely,  softly lit evenings.

"The hill the vale, the tree, the tower
Glowed with the tints of evening hour,
The beech was silver sheen,
Such the enchanting scene."

(Sir Walter Scott)

Have a happy week.






  1. Those sunny day clouds are amazing, gorgeous picture. Of course the critters are always eye candy too, posted a few furry characters of mine too, they always give me a chuckle and a smile, even resolved it around crocheting. Glad you enjoyed the beauty that surrounds you. Hugs Willow

    1. thanks...I don't think I will tell Archie about your critters lovely crocheted coats in case he wants one for the winter too! Our winters aren't as severe as yours!
      Thanks for the hugs, have a happy week.

  2. Glad to read you've had encouraging news, and are finding a some renewed energy~ sending good thoughts for all good things....
    Your photos are lovely to see,and roses no less ~ we awoke this morning to 6 inches of snow! (I admit, i do love snow...) but still, roses and baby donkeys are most excellent!

  3. Thanks for all your good thoughts...I'm certain sure they help!
    we had 26 degC snow in sight! 6 " is a lot of snow!
    Keep warm and cosy and have a happy week.