Monday, April 1, 2013

sunny days and Easter

The sun is still shining here...not a lot of rain....usually in this part of the country there is a little complaining going on about the weather....but this summer has been exceptionally good! so good we are complaining of lack of rain...a very unusual state of affairs!!
A couple of weekends ago I was feeling really well and thought a briny dip was required so armed with bodyboard and wetsuit, sunscreen etc off we went to the beautiful Porpoise Bay.   The little Hector's dolphins had gone further out to sea to play as the tide was.............waaaaay out!
Not going to let a little thing like that stop me!  much to man of the house's amusement I frolicked in the waves...well there were others having fun in the sea too... mainly toddlers!

...managed to ride in on some...?  waves!

..that's about as big as they got!!  but the water was great!


The mailman brings me some lovely surprises these days...last week it was a lovely parcel from a childhood friend.

this was on the back of the parcel and it was tied up with string.

Enclosed was  this very retro little card....when we were little girls in the 60's these cards were very popular birthday cards...they folded out and there were about 6 of these little maids all in varying colours! 

..inside a book with a beautiful cover! (perfect for a bird's nest lover like me!)

I did find some time to do some gardening and get to enjoy it looking mostly tidy.
the herb garden. the pond.

The dappled light at this time of year is beautiful...

The vege harvest has been in full swing...we are enjoying all the great fresh produce.

"No man but feels more of a man in the world if he have but a bit of ground that he can call his own. 
However small it is on the surface, it is four thousand miles deep; and that is a very handsome property."

(Charles Dudley Warner

Archie continues to grow...

I made some more 'scenty bags' filled with lavender and lemon verbena.  Using doilies is such a quick sewing project.

In the 'stash' were these 2 lovely placemats a bag...I love the heavy lace.

Had an afternoon playing with watercolours...

and stamps and watercolours ...

The Easter break saw us boarding a plane and flying away to Auckland to visit Thrifty Fox and her lovely Fiance'

I had one of these needlecases when I was a the china broach and the cute spoons!

As usual we were thoroughly spoilt with treats and gifts.

 There was a visit to a charming Antiques store, handily located just round the corner!
Amongst a few other wee bits and bobs I purchased this very old ' bread and butter' plate.

..I love the stamp on the back of it too...

Some new gardens were made and planted up...and this little fellow was a bit annoyed at getting dirty, he was very diligent about cleaning up his muddy legs....

you can see his tongue doing a tidy up manoeuvre!

Preying Mantis

we set him free where he joined a friend on  Thrifty Foxes pretty hanging basket.

It was great being able to Skype youngest daughter in Melbourne with Aucklands fast internet....ours is so slow it's impossible!
All too soon it was time to flit back home...wish I had taken a photo of the Air NZ black aircraft with the silver fern on the side we travelled in....very patriotic!!

sweet Easter decos from Thrifty Fox.

The sun is shining again today so hope to head off for a short river walk, hope your week is a happy one filled with the things you love.


stone found at river last week...I took this as a good sign!





  1. I like your watercolours very much x

    1. Dear MemeRose, thanks! I need to keep practising.
      I love your crocheted pouffe cover, what a big project.
      Hope you have a happy week

  2. Wow! So much eye candy!!!! I love the rock just up above!! Your watercolors are fabulous, painted over a stamp, great!! Your crafty sachets... :))) Your baby Archie is adorable, your gardens look lovely, your goodies and packages and finds are such fun, and it boggles my mind to see someone swimming 'this' time of year!! ha ha !!
    *phewww, I think I'm done now... he he

    1. Hi Melody, lovely to hear from you again. The watercolours are fun to do, it's a real learning process.
      I hope to get another swim in this weekend!!!! there is something very good about swimming in the sea!
      Hope your week is a great one

  3. Hello, regards from españa, I like much his blog, am precious, and his works, his wonderful garden, his pretty donkeys, preciously, regards

  4. Hi Margarita, thanks for your lovely comments.
    Archie is a very cute donkey I have to agree!!!
    So happy you are enjoying my blogspot.
    Have a very happy week filled with all the things you love