Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Snowdrops and other winter delights

I am feeling better and have been enjoying July, it's so unpredictable weather wise...heavy frosts, sunny warmish days, like today, rain, sleet, hail, winds....a total scramble of weather..it makes life exciting.

spectacular sunrises...

..mellowing out to 'soft days'.

Perfect for doing a little knitting...

...or a little stitching...


 We have had some crisp starts to some days...

the grass staying crunchy underfoot all day..

...slivers of ice adorning the pond...but it amazes me every year in the midst of the worst winter days the little snow drops push their tiny green spires through the frozen ground, they emerge so perfect and delicate looking..they pull me outside rugged up to watch their progress, that breathtaking feeling that has never left me after reading The Secret Garden....

a few wee primroses just peeping out too.

The White Magic Hellebore I planted in the autumn is flowering and looking lovely in some little vases around the house.

Established plants in the woodland garden.

Skeletal trees have a stark beauty, catkins , cones and pods become an otherwise unseen beauty .

Alder cones

Tulip tree pods.

Pussy Willow is starting to emerge.... I have big jugs of it all over the house!! ..I adore it!!  

I have a birthday this month and was spoilt.

beeswax candles and

and hearts lovingly crafted by the Thrifty Fox...

delicate old lace and button magnets.

victorian scraps and delicately scented soap...

and this dear wee spode vase, blue spots and flowers!!! 

It's so lovely feeling my strength returning and doing some crafting, enjoying what the garden is offering up and feeling more like 'me'!

Have a happy week.xx





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