Wednesday, December 4, 2013

....some little wild things...

...walking down the paddock the other day we came across a nest that had been blown out of a tree a couple of days previously...miraculously there when my husband picked up the nest it wiggled and squeaked and two little dwellers were alive and well....

..its a very messy sparrow nest...they are not good house builders...

..luckily these wee fellows were almost fledged  and probably ready to leave home soonish anyway.

..magic moments!

..these delicate feathers had come loose in the fall.

And while talking of little birds our pet banty 'Chooky' hatched 5 little chicks this  week, we had put a mix of bantam eggs under her so some chickens have feathery legs and some don't. She has turned out to be a very conscientious little first time mother, and sort of growls at us when we pick her bubbies up. of these eggs hatched but the other didn't.

On the donkey front...things are looking very scruffy as they lose their winter coats and put on their smooth summer wear.

I never tire of my garden, there is always something to entrance me, every season has it's treasures, the old roses are lovely at the moment.

The |Lavenders are flowering well.

Every week friends do lovely things for me, visit, garden, post me letters, give me flowers, send cards  and gifts, bring cooking and baking, I am thoroughly spoilt. This week a friend who sends me little sprigs of Central Otago Thyme also sent me some dried wild flower petals.  Another friend sent me a gorgeous hanky to have for the wedding. It is all overwhelmingly special.

It was very satisfying to knit up another teacosy, this time for our youngest daughter...It is a really pretty apple green but that hasn't shown up in the photo.  The adorning bits are the most fun to do...

and on the very day it was finished a friend I grew up with sent the little green teapot card....magic moments!

A gorgeous, velvety, apricot coloured foxglove that has popped up.

..and on the bedroom wall 2 more gifts from friends.

Have a happy week.


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  1. Hi there, I love your beautiful garden! I'm getting two donkeys next week and have been worried about the dozens and dozens of foxgloves - but clearly yours don't kill themselves nibbling it!??