Saturday, February 8, 2014

...of this and that....

....another week has fled , a week filled with this and that!

I made jam early one morning, how satisfying watching the apricots, simmering away having it set and put away in jars for the winter. 

I had some hours in the garden too which is taking on an autumn feel, bright dahlias and heleniums signalling that cooler days lie ahead.

Dawnings of amber and amethyst eves;
Soft in the south wind the laughter of leaves;
Breath of the poppy and death of the rose,
Midsummer comes and midsummer goes!

Dapple on cheek of the apple and plum;
honey bees droning  a die-away hum'
Swales in a shimmer and dales in a doze, 
Midsummer comes and Midsummer goes!

Darting of dragon-fly, flutter of moth'
Barley in window and wheat in the swath;
Hush-song and thrush-song-the mother bird knows!
Midsummer comes and midsummer goes!

Moonlight and noonlight all glamour and gleam;
Hillside and rillside a thrall to the dream;
Capture the rapture before the days close!
Mid summer comes and midsummer goes!

(Clinton Scollard

We have been trimming the side shoots off our hazelnut trees in the evenings, its very peaceful down amongst the cool,green with a faint sniff of autumn wafting through.

I made the binding for the cot quilts and have been doing the hand stitching every opportunity that I get.

  ...while man of the house does a wee bit of fishing.

some TV slippers were knitted up as well.
The quilts also had a visit to Frasers beach one very hot and sunny day where we had a cup of tea, walked and relaxed and very exciting watched some little |Hector's dolphins playing in the surf.

The two new ewe lambs I
 got this year have been a delight and very pretty.

Katy and Morag

We had a trip to Dunedin last week and called at the Hospice shop to do some thrifting, got some delightful finds!!


this pretty lidded dish was only $2 , I came home and picked big bunches of Oregano and hung them up to dry in the kitchen, they perfume the entire kitchen....mmmm

Have a happy week and bee busy


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