Saturday, February 8, 2014

....useful bags...

I had a trip to town last week and needed to get some sewing machine needles and thread.....however....whilst walking through the shop some lovely fabric caught my eye.  I had made a pledge (turns out it's a flexible pledge!!) not to buy any fabric until I've used up most of what I have stashed!!!
Anyway.... "He who hesitates is lost" ran through my mind and so homeward the fabric came!!!

...It's very nostalgic and evokes lovely memories of primary school.  It reminded me of some of the old Childhood Primers .
I am lucky enough to have 2 of the old Primers that my grandad's family used. There were 8 children in the family, the photo only shows 6 of them.

The great aunt who gave me the books said that all the children used these books. In this disposable, throwaway world it's hard to comprehend. 

When they got too fragile they were covered with fabric, one of my books is covered in a lovely soft plush fabric .

Faded, tattered and well loved by little hands.

between the covers lovely little illustrations, some in colour.

The pictures are very like the ones on my new fabric.

My husband told me that when they were children they had drawstring bags called  'useful bags', what a cool thing to have!!! I decided I would make some 'useful bags'  with the cute new fabric to put in my "nanna box'

I made 4 useful bags , and there is some left over so may make more, they would be useful to put  library books in, books , toys, any thing really!

I lined the bags with chirpy green spots, in the background the slate my grandad and family used at school.

Have a happy week.


  1. There something so charming about having things that get passed down through the ages.