Sunday, January 22, 2012

a little bit of this and that

a little bit of sewing,a friend gave me some treasured doilies,they had been stitched by her late Mum and Grandma. I wanted to make something out of some of them that she would be able to use in another way as she said she has a lot and they just live in the linen cupboard. So I selected one I knew she would like, and then had a trip to our wonderful Aladdins" cave of fabric...Kitz n Things  fabric shop! and found some prints that I think look really nice with the beautifully worked rose...
this is one of my very favourite bag patterns, I have made heaps of these dear wee bags and they are just the right size to pop in some stitching, knitting, chrochet, bits and bobs, and with a water proof lining make a good sized toilet bag, its quick and the instructions are very well written. 

I made one for Jill and one for myself...
Saturday we decided we would go on a trip to Roxburgh and get some fruit, we found a wonderful orchard owned and operated by some very special people, they have 'limited spray' fruit, we were very happy to buy some of this fruit to preserve, which with a lesser spray input must be a healthier option. Hobbs Orchard and Fruit Stall, if you would like to check out their fruit. Today we had our 2 preserving tanks going and its all done apart from some that will be turned into jam later this week.
just love when its all done!
We had a picnic morning tea at Pinders Pond just out of Roxburgh, beautiful wee place we have never been to before, some families were camping there it must be fun. Very pretty and peaceful and the water was warm! While we were having our cups of  thermos flask tea and coffee, (complete fire ban in Otago so no thermette!) , a little girl caught her first fish so all very exciting. This is a spot we will be returning to..

cool name...
some history...

water and picnics are a recurring theme in my to historic Lawrence.. and LOL picnic lunch at the pond at Gabriels Gulley..

Popped in to my favourite Lawrence shop, Olei, old and new , and I picked up this piece of wonderfulness, its metal and the tin is attached to a tray on little feet, it has a lid but the hinge is broken...don't mind that..and its got a lovely green that...fascinating engravings...loving that..and looks great with rowan berries

got another little antique something too...but it has been put away until my birthday is a while to wait !!
It was a great day out, even picked up some raspberries , unsprayed and freshly picked just right for my breaky this morning.

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