Saturday, January 14, 2012


what do you do when you come home from a lovely holiday and find all your cauliflowers have grown to a monstrous size and all come ready at once? give some eat lots..and you make pickle...
the recipie I use every year, made all these jars with just one also has crushed pineapple, red pepper, green beans, wholecorn, onion etc..and its delicious!
Rain has been falling most of the weekend in lovely ground soaking showers, it is so welcome.  The lawn is turning green again and some of my precious plants are reviving and standing up.
A great time to do some stitching,

 and this wee bird has stitched up amazingly fast...

its a little pincushion pattern called Bluebird, by Blackbird designs.
In between stitches there was some tea drinking and flicking through some favourite books.  One of my all time  special  read and read again coffee table books has to be Velvet Pears by Susan Southam, easy to read and divine pics! and isnt the cover sooooooooooo gorgeous!!!! and for Christmas I was given Amazing Retreats under Nordic Skies, its a Jeanne d'Arc Living book and also just lovely!

just look at those lovely clouds full of rain!
and just a wee jug of daisies, they are the herb Feverfew flowers, to make me smile.
Don't you just love weekends!

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  1. Mmm that pickle is my favourite !! Especially on cheese on toast. Love the daises. Good to see some rain falling down South.......if only the North could just get some sunshine.