Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a little thrifting.....

finished work a little early yesterday and popped round to our local Restore handily located just round the corner...and this is what I got.  A lovely green picnic basket, another handy basket, a broken old lamp which will look great hung in a tree, some braid,bound to come in handy one day, a nautical tin, some embroidered doilies and a beautifully worked supper cloth
the tin will be right at home at the beach

Earlier in the day I received a late Christmas pressie, and it was this very inspirational book with amazing photos. Its called Vintage Flowers by Vic Brotherston, the cover just makes you want to get right into this book and its really beautiful photos make you want to lose yourself in it...

and inside...
just love this blue and white container!!!
and these white foxgloves!
elegant and soothing green and white..

lovely winter inspiration

there are lots of bright and funky ideas too, some with really vivid dahlias which are flowering now...such a visual treat this book! Away to make a cup of tea and do some reading.

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