Saturday, July 7, 2012

birthdays come round fast!

I am sure the time span between birthdays is somehow becoming magically shorter, (and that appears to be the same with Christmas!). As a child looking forward to these major events in your life it seemed to take 'forever' ...not now!!! the days, months and years feel as if they are on 'fast forward'!
...however we should all  feel lucky and priveledged to have the chance to celebrate every year we are given, life is so fragile we need to treasure it.

So I had another birthday and it was fun, lots of pressies, the sun shone, family and friends called and visited.  I was spoiled in every way!

this tantalising  parcel ( arrived a few days prior to the 4th so patience was exerted waiting until the day!!) contained so many goodies !!!! lovely packs of Earl Grey Tea, also a very fancy stapler and staples for making little books and using as embellishments.

This parcel was prettily wrapped too but the pic is in another file and either me or my technology goblin won't let me put it here!!! it was in pretty pink tissue , pink and white spotted ribbon with a dear wee knitted rose on the top!

From the man of the house, lovely old kitchen scales that work and are accurate, they have been squirrelled  away since our Lawrence trip, also the lovely rose swag, large amounts of confectionary! and a big pineapple! perfect!
Some fresh flowers from daughter and her partner,

And this cool pressie , the wee bird on his book is so cute, will leave the cheesemaking until our girls are home( soon!) and make and eat some cheese together!

Such a lovely day and so spoilt...and we get to have another birthday when the girls come home in a couple of weeks!!!

Not a lot of crafting done this week, but did pick up a little watercolour I had had framed. Also did some crocheted flowers while visiting my Dad in Dunedin . He has had a big op and we are all so relieved he's ok and going to get back to the farm. It's been a worrying time.

Got to see my beloved hills again...

view from mum and dads
looking towards Brighton and Taieri Mouth.
Maungatuas .

......and the sampler was finished!!!! finito!!!! YAY!  ....onto the next ufo!

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