Saturday, July 14, 2012

A touch of red

RED :  a colour like blood: extended traditionally to mean golden, and by custom to other colours more or less near red.   (Chambers Dictionary).

What a gorgeous way to start the week!!!!  The sunrise on Monday morning was soooo beautiful! fiery, intense reds that turned to an unusual golden light...

Red in the morning...

There were touches of red the whole week.... work home, I finished a tea cosy I made for a friends lovely daughter who got engaged.


There was a hint of red in the Helleborus plants I bought this week, so beautiful!! I got some new ones, a double maroon, a semi-double white, 3 lovely new ones called winter sunshine, green with a maroony red blush........a pink and some single whites....all planted and hopefully going to clump up into big healthy flower covered  plants.  I am stitching Hellebores too in my latest UFO and I am liking the colours and the pattern....there is a maroon in this as well!

I am not really a red loving person...having said that my favourite walking jacket is red!! so its funny that red has popped up all over the place this week....

I had a big tidy up out on the verandah the frosts have killed my geraniums which is very sad, so time for a change .

some pretty primroses. (there were a lot of temptations at the nursery!)

Last year I bought some galvanised buckets when they were on special at the hardware store, I love them and decided to use them as planters.  I use plastic pots inside them and to cover the rims a bit I make silver birch twig wreaths.  As the plants in the pots get past their best I just lift them out and replace them with other pots.  It's working really well for me.  I have pots of bulbs that I leave behind the shed for most of the year and just pop them in the buckets when they are near flowering.   I got some polyanthus plants so have put them in until my daffs, tulips etc come on a wee bit.

A few snowdrops are also kept in pots, when they flower I can have them inside or at the front door etc.  They are almost flowering in the garden....I just love them!!! Last winter a friend gave me some planted in a birds nest.....exquisite!

We had a night at Riverton last night

a cosy fire, cups of tea, stitching and reading as the weather was cold and drizzly.

it's always good to go to the sea to have your energy renewed and your spirit soothed.

We are very excited to have our girls coming home on holiday this week...yay!

PS just thinking...maybe I do like red.... I loved the British postboxes, Robin red breasts, chaffinches and goldfinches, the red shoes that my girls wore to Southland Girls High School, red roses, the red and white of radishes, beetroot, red apples, red hats in the geraniums in blue pots....

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