Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tea Towels to cushions

Over the years I have been given some very pretty tea towels, much too good to dry dishes with!! So I have made them into little cushions, it is a quick and fun project.

These are some I have made that we have at Riverton.

Our Melbourne dwelling daughter wanted some NZ themed cushions so I was pretty excited when I found these tea towels at Spotlight.

To start with you make 3 or 4 buttonholes at one end of the tea towel ( I usually use quite big buttons and often they are mismatched thrifted ones)

Then you decide where you want your pattern to be -  some towels are all over and there is no repeat pattern.   These ones have the Tui and Kowhai at either end.
When you know where you want the fold, put the right sides together, pin in place and whizz down the sides.
I don't even cut off the neatened edges, so it's all done for you.

 As you can see enthusiasm levels were so high that no pressing took really should!

Turn right sides out, sew on the buttons...Press

and there you go!!!!!!! finished already!!!!

This one is a bit baggy on the inner because I was sending the covers only to Australia and its just modelling itself for you on another inner.   Another quick tip:   to make an inner  buy a pillow , run 2 lines of stitching through it at the size you require then cut between the stitched lines and you have 2 ready made pre-filled inners.

yikes.. it really does need a press ...but the yellow and black looks very kiwi.

For my birthday a friend gave me a caravan tea towel (and very cute key ring) way am I going to be drying camping dishes with this cute wee number! project coming up !!

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