Sunday, January 26, 2014

some potted colour

This week has gone by very fast and I thought without much to show for it, but a friend and I have been working on a project together, it is a gift so still a secret, that was 2 full days this week and a few more hours too.

Potted up some Antique Pansy plants and some varigated geranium plants for pots on the verandah in the autumn and winter.

I love putting plants in pots and having them close through the harder weather of winter.

I bought some of the white and green geranium plants a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the look of them in blue and white pots and also just in the old terracotta pots so was very happy to get some more.

...bright mixed colour from the garden....this big lemony perennial daisy is new to me and I love it, it looks great in the border and great inside too...

...the weather has been cool with a lot of wet days, hail too sometimes! so the garden has an autumnal feel creeping in ....I  found these 2 unfinished coathanger covers and completed them ...they echo the hues in the flowers....

The cot covers returned home from the quilter, this afternoon was spent making the binding and stitching it on, just have to buy a wee bit of fabric to go round 2 green quilts, and do the hand stitching. 

The inclement winds blew this mossy nest out of a's beautifully put together.


A lovely warm sunny day yesterday saw us hook up the caravan, pack up the afternoon tea cups and off we went to the beach...the tide was out ....we had a lovely time relaxing in the sun.

This week, back for more chemo, more secret crafting, hand stitching little quilt bindings, some gardening.....  I love the start of a new week so many possibilities ahead!!!

Have a happy week


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