Friday, January 17, 2014

....the rain can stop now....

...a few short weeks ago we had a long patch of  hot dry weather, the soil was very dry and a lot of my plants were wilting and fading ...they had gone past the soaking up and basking in the sunshine phase!  We rely on rainwater tanks for the house and paddocks so there is only what I can carry that goes to the garden so a few precious plants get a little help and the remainder have to just fight it out.

Anyway...there came some beautiful rain and refreshing cool days where I was so excited, there were little pools and drops of moisture in the most unlikely places.....

...even the cabbages were twinkling...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....suspended droplets on the Fennel....

...the poppy heads had collected some little pools.


....the garden was washed clean and dust free....

but now the rain can's been a couple of weeks of very unsummery weather...we now have wind....and as it seems to be every day and night without abating I got out one of my favourite childrens books....

and thought I should just enjoy the weather ..

I love dandelion clocks...even though they are the seed heads that tend to grow into pesky weeds....although having said that I love their flowers too, especially in wild places not in the middle of a precious primrose or other treasure......

A very fine dandelion clock has popped up in my mint container, sheltered from the weather and isn't he magnificent....

I found a little poem in an old Enid Blyton book, its really about thistle down but I think it applies just as much to this wee fellow

Thistledown, you're out to-day,
Little stars of silver grey,
In the air ashine, 
Silkier than a spider's thread
or down upon a baby's head,
Delicate and fine.

Here and there you lightly blow,
Careless quite of where you go,
With the breeze for friend,
Adventuring boldly while you may,
Gaily floating on your way
Till your journeys end.

Then, oh, thistledown , be wary,
Lest a little sharp-eyed fairy
Catch you where you lie,
She'll fill her cushions with your down
Or sew you on her silken gown,
And then, alas, you'll die !


...33 years ago we were given this gorgeous paperweight as a wedding gift...I love and treasure it still....

We have been in Dunedin again this week for my chemo treatment so not a lot of crafting, however it was good to get out the sewing machine and have more fun with wool and old blankets, after enjoying making the hottie covers so much thought I might make some knee rug size comforters.

...I don't have a pattern so I just go ad-lib then look forward to the embellishing!

...and I love the upcycling factor, the warmth of the wool while you are working with it.

Another poem from the same wee book.


Once on a time, so the legends tell
There lived a pixy called Peronel,
For whose white hands little gloves were sewn,
The tiniest gloves for her alone.
Many were made that she did not wear,
and these were strung on a green stalk near;
There they hung in a graceful row, 
And that's how the folks'gloves came to grow!
There's a spell in each little glove, 'tis said,
So pluck one now, ere the magic is fled,
Slip it over your finger and say,
'May the wish I'm wishing come true this day!

The Hydrangeas are coming into flower, it's lovely seeing them again...

 ....keeping me company in the kitchen.

Have a lovely week doing things that make you happy.




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