Wednesday, February 8, 2012

blown into February...

we got blown into the week with really high winds, tearing the leaves off the trees and breaking branches, destroying little homes...I found some little birds nests  on the lawn, beautifully crafted using locally sourced materials! wool, moss, cobwebs, seedheads, donkey tail hair,feathers and grass.  The skill and care in making these snug wee nurserys amazes me. 2 of the nests are tiny and and had little eggs in them, I wonder what sort of bird built them, also found some mud lined ones that are much larger.

The weather then settled down thankfully, and we were able to get out and enjoy being in the garden. Our vege garden has done us proud this year. We have been harvesting and enjoying potatoes, cauliflowers, broccoli,cabbage, carrots, radishes, lettuces, peas, and broad beans.In the tunnelhouse, tomatoes, courgettes, lettuces, cucumber and basil! And this week I preserved the row of beetroot , made some Rhubarb Fizz, and dug and dried the garlic...its all go here in the squirrel department. It really is satisfying to see our homegrown produce stored away for the winter, and its fun to do especially when you have a lucky day and all the jars seal!

the makings of Rhubarb drink.
A little crafting happened this week too.  I wanted to give a gift to a special friend so have been working on an altered book, it has been fun to do.

there was some selecting of papers and pictures, cutting and glueing, then a little stitching and embellishing,
then parcelled up and sent off to its new home.
A few months ago in Dunedin an old brown and tatty rocking chair was purchased, at last it has been given some TLC, a fresh coat of paint to cover up the dingy brown, and a new cover. An upholsterer would not be impressed I know, but  it will be Ok for us. Lots of staples were hurt in the covering of this chair, all it needs now is the gimp(trim to cover the staples) and it will be finished. I love that gimp word!

A bit of thrifting was done last week at Bluff  a reproduction jug in lovely colours and only $15, just right for the tiger lilies that are flowering in the garden at the mo...
also got an old galvanised bucket, I love them for some strange reason.
It was a long weekend so we went off adventuring in the new to us caravan but will blog about that another day because as usual it has got very late at night and bed is beckoning.

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