Sunday, February 19, 2012

a diary...

I have always thought it would be great to keep a diary and even started a few over the years, a few weeks of faithfully writing and then it would be forgotten.  I have been enjoying having a blog as its similar to having a diary, recording the everyday happenings in life,  but with photo's which is a real bonus.
This week Tuesday was Valentines Day, the busiest day in a florist's year....and it really was! Lots of bouquets, this year a trend towards mixed bouquets rather than just red roses. A lot of white and green bouquets too...we like to add little touches, hearts, diamante pins and extravagant wrap...and watch them leave the shop to make others smile!  Its tiring though! so a little quiet needleworking..the finishing stitches into my latest Blackbird design stitchery..think this may end up as the centre of a cushion.
The next cross stitch project is also a Blackbird design but this time its roses.
Friday we had a day trip to Dunedin to pick up a barbeque the man of the house purchased on Trade Me for the caravan. I got to do some shopping, first stop a lovely wee second hand shop in Caversham where we got a cute blue enamel teapot in excellent order and a blue enamel pot that will be good for flowers or we had forgotten to take the kettle for picnics , little blue teapot came in very handy on the way home in the evening for a lakeside picnic at Lake Waihola

so did the very chirpy thrifted tablecloth...but that is getting ahead of myself.  After browsing through a few secondhand shops I had a few treasures, some old books (its an addiction)
some flannelette pillowcases in a pretty blue with dandelion clocks on them, an old embroidered tablecloth and some doilies

and this very pretty jug from  a cute wee shop, can't wait til my Mary Rose flowers again to fill it

at the moment she resides in the spare room amongst some other rosie friends.
A cute wee plate with Lilacs took my eye as I was sure there was a jug at home the same, haven't found the jug ...yet!... but did buy, (its new), a plate rack.

Miss Blue Teapot has a temporary home on the kitchen  bench with her friend Mr pot, she is really destined for a nomadic life of adventure but in the meantime she is snuggled up in a teacosy knitted for a friend. I made a few of these little cosies for Christmas presents but this one is still waiting to be delivered probably as a birthday gift now, as do these coathangers . The cosies and coathanger covers were such fun to do, definitely going to be more makings of these!

the colours aren't quite accurate, but they are bright and cheery, the pattern for the hangers was from a Japanese chrochet book.
Flowers in the porch on Grandma's old china cabinet this week are Pot Marjoram , definitely getting a very autumnal feel in the mornings and evenings and the autumn flowers are appearing.


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