Thursday, February 9, 2012

Waitangi Day weekend

Oh the bliss of a long weekend...we headed off to the crib on Friday night and although the weather wasn't wonderful I managed to get a swim when the tide was right., we also went on a 2hr coastal walk so exercise was achieved!!   What was wonderful ,was discovering a large 'fairy ring' of mushrooms on our lawn which made for a tasty meal.  Reading and stitching always a good way to unwind and  it's guilt free at the beach. 
there are a few shells scattered about this cottage

 a few sea urchins and some starfish...

a refurbished model yacht made by the man of the house when he was a boy...

I like the way seaweed dries....

when we bought the cottage I wished for some "sea" pictures, and because we were being thrifty I put together these collages and set them in thrifted frames.  The images are from old Boys Own books which I copied ,then shellacked to age them...
this one which is above the fireplace has my favourite poem by John Masefield included in it.  " I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky...

Home again and off in the caravan , still coastal....down the southern scenic route to destination unknown. Pulled in at Weirs Beach with some  experienced camping friends in their caravan, its a Freedom Camping site, Loo and water tank..all the luxuries. A very peaceful little spot at the edge of a sheltered estuary and a short walk to the beach. As we had packed the Christmas flounder net, we tried our luck and caught a few.

A night snap shot of our cosy wee mobile home, my camera isn't designed for night photo's but I like this one, the moon and stars were so bright it was almost light, really beautiful.

"and a grey mist on the sea's face and a grey dawn breaking"...more John Masefield, it wasn't really dawn!but  it was morning and it was misty
once the mist cleared our friends took us fishing off the rocks at a lovely wee cove just south of Curio Bay,

the sun was warm and the colours intense

some bodyboarding and a swim at Porpoise Bay (where the Hector Dolphins come in to feed and ride the waves) finished off the afternoon beautifully.
Good company, good food, magnificent scenery ..............a perfect long weekend.

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