Saturday, May 19, 2012


I can hardly believe how the weeks fly past...but 30 years happily married....that went fast too!
Lovely husband gave me a beautiful bouquet.....florists seldom receive flowers so its really special when you do, this one include freesias, chrysanthemums, stock, ornamental kale and leucodendrons, the perfume of the stock and freesias is filling the living room. Close friends share the same wedding date so a dinner out was an added treat.  And phone calls from much loved far away daughters made the day complete.

 A Mother's day gift sent from Melbourne arrived this week too, a travelling cup for the caravan, a notebook and some trim from the Typo shop I adore, and a special piece of stitching.


and as they say 'the week started off so well', however it got decidedly damp both inside and out after a plumbing disaster, a pipe in the hot water cupboard burst while the plumber was doing some bathroom work, rusty water cascaded in large quantities all through the cupboard, soaking all our stored sleeping bags, blankets, clean washing that was airing, spare quilts, special baby clothes of the girls that were stored there, and my bags of dried lavender and lemon verbena!!!   It was all go in the washing department, it was so funny hanging out blankets etc in the pouring rain but there weren't a lot of other options!! Anyway all dried and put away again ready to face another week.
There is a quote that I have written out and hanging on the fridge door, not sure who its by,  but it sums up a lot of feelings,
"when the world wearies and society ceases to please there is always the garden"
so I took myself out to do some leaf raking and admired the graceful and elegant catkins on the Garrya elliptica

and looked into the beautiful spotted throat of the last foxglove of summer in my garden.

And to finish the week off in a peaceful and relaxed way we headed to the beach for a night, a good walk and a cosy open fire, refreshed and restored and ready to face another week.

beautifully crafted blanket by daughter at our crib

I have 'completion'? type hopes and thoughts for the bathroom this week (I have shared these thoughts with the builder) lol...then more hopes of the painter coming and then no more mess for a while.....


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