Saturday, May 26, 2012

last days of Indian summer..

Something I love about winter is the sunrises, and you don't have to be up extra extra early to catch them!!

There's such a morning chorus going on here, all the birds trying to outsing one another, so its not as peaceful as it may look!
The week has had many sunny days, I am so pleased with my Antique Shades pansies this year.  Usually I plant them out in the garden, but have had very little success with them, always straggly and not many flowers.  This year I potted them up in an old wooden box and they have done so well, I popped in  some Sheep pellets and they seem to be very happy.

a sleepy bumblebee catching some afternoon sun

Found some time to do a little thrifting at lunchtime on this outdoor table with Ivy leaves for $10 , will get the paintbrush out and find a spot for it...

Also purchased with great glee, 4 gorgeous plates! Royal doulton, but there is another stamp on the back that says 'made in Australia', thats so interesting, I had no idea that some Doulton was manufactured in Australia.

and a piece of crochet edging, just the one lonesome bit which I think may be a match to the ones I got there a while ago...lucky!!!
Also a dear wee plate with an idyllic cottage scene depicted...I am very attracted to those cottage gardens of long ago.....

There are no Hollyhocks left flowering here but there is a rather magnificent delphinium having a last fling and drawing attention to herself,

loving those blue hues!!!

There has been a wish of many years come true this week, we have had a pump, we have had the urn and the stand with the hole drilled through it for many years but no pond to put it in...this week lovely husband brought home a pond! its in place and working!!!!

It makes the most lovely sploshy  musical sound and it's close to the verandah. We woke this morning to rain drumming on the roof, visions of cosy crafting on a lazy sunday were to be the sun is shining it's warm outside..again... so all that has been put aside, it's a day to get hedging plants to disguise uncottagey black pond, and to buy fish !
The tomatoes are finally at an end...we have pulled out the plants!

My wee blog space is a happy place for me to be, so we won't talk of bathrooms, builders or and hour and a half at the dentist this week....I will just sign off with some golden afternoon light instead.

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