Friday, June 1, 2012

sheep and donkey friends

I have some lovely friends, not all of them people! 
I love our donkeys, they are not co-operative when I try to photograph them though.
This is Stan, he's a little shy....he loves having his back scratched and likes to back up so we can get his favourite scratchy spot.  We were given him by some farmers that no longer needed him, they had him to stop their bulls fighting.  He is such a gentle sweetie, now he has a peaceful carefree life.

Stan and Jake

We bought Jake when he was just a baby, and a very cute baby at that!  I have tried to put some of his baby photos in this post but have had no luck so will try and put them in a separate post...sometimes I just can't get this computer to do what I want!!  
Jake is probably a little spoilt and does try very hard to claim all the love and attention that is on offer.
The slightly blurred brown donkey on the right is Storm, we bought her when she was a year old, she is very timid and nervous and ever so slightly naughty...she is a little prone to PMS I think....
They are very loyal,  loving pets, they know the sound of our cars and when they hear us arriving home they bray and he haw very loudly!  most welcoming!!!! They call out when they hear the door of the house opening or shutting, they have amazing hearing.
I also love sheep,  we have a bit of a mix, some black Cheviots, which are very beautiful....
This is Margaret and Margaret, the other Margaret isn't in the picture, generously given to me by my friend Margaret!
I am looking forward to having them shorn and spinning their fleeces. 

These are my last seasons lambs, they are Wiltshire crosses, they shed their wool and don't require shearing, the gorgeous, clever and most adorable lamb on the right is Mouton, she is my bottle reared lamb....She is very chic, called Mouton because her first  home was a cardboard carton that had French Country Collections stamped on the side ( French Country is a beautiful gift line in NZ, and I had been a bit naughty and bought some lovelies from them).
Anyway, Mouton is french for sheep.

She does have that elegant sort of sophisticated french look!!!
She is prone to liking her food rather much, and has had her head under the fence and eaten an entire row of young sweetcorn plants belonging to the man of the house...and just last week found the gate to the vege garden wasn't properly latched and had some fresh veges.....

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  1. Oh that naughty sheep. Spoilt baby!! Lol. What great pics of the pets. Makes me rather homesick. Not long now til the holidays and I can give those donkeys a squeeze. Gosh it looks very cold down there already xx