Sunday, June 3, 2012

goodbye to month of May

It has been a lovely month unseasonably warm really.  While out in the garden the other day a drift of sweet perfume had me looking for its source, little violets tricked by the warmth into thinking it is spring maybe,

they didn't look up and see  autumns signature...

While the weather was so sunny we thought a drive to Oreti Beach for a walk would be relaxing and refreshing,
  our wee mini

it's about 45 mins south of us and by the time we arrived a southerly front was closing in ... the walk was a short one!

Oreti Beach is 26 kms long, has very smooth sand and is classed as a road it even has a speed limit!  30 kmph. The famous Bert Munro motorbike race is held here anually.  Its a great surfing, swimming and floundering beach, when its clear Stewart Island looks very close, and you can see across to Riverton.  You can drive, walk, horseride or take your motorbike,right round on the beach to Riverton, we must do that one day.

More beautiful sunrises...

some flower picking....of course!

and some fabric purchasing...very lovely but very naughty!!  Love it though!!

I am so excited to have 3 lovely followers, very unexpected but exciting!!  I am very unsure of the etiquette here but its so lovely to have blog friends.  Thankyou.

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