Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome June

It's Queen's Birthday a long weekend that feeling of an extra leisure day with no alarm clock.
Looking at other peoples blogs and seeing all the gorgeous bunting , the street parties and festivities in Britain is so cool...what a lovely feeling there must be over there.
June came in with a frost, Jack had been out in the night, I love his art work.
delicate strokes on the verandah glass.....

broader strokes on the lawn....

I have been doing some artwork too
this one is finished I think apart from painting round the edges of the canvas.
This one is very unfinished,
inspired by a very noisy extended family of sparrows who took up residency in the creeper on our verandah a few years ago and who keep us amused by their squabbles, cheekiness, snuggling up to one another, and their babies .
I have been doing some crocheting, a friend has been using the little borage flowers to adorn her grandchildrens hand knits, she has put them on wee hats, boleros and has made a wee broach with some, I think they look cute on this birthday parcel for her too!

Sunday seemed like a good day for a seaside drive and walk, Bluff was our destination, they have absolutely the best Fish and Chips anywhere...the perfect Sunday roast!
a couple of oysters in there too...yum
We had great company, a pretty view and the smell of the sea

The famous Bluff sign
The sun had had enough for the day and the rain came in so we went for a walk on the way out of Bluff at Greenpoint.

 lots of native plants

 The Manuka was a bit spindly, sculpted by the wind  some of it looked very Dr Suess.
Manuka flowers, you can make tea from this bush (I have never tried it...I love my Earl Grey way too much)  Manuka honey has wonderful healing properties and is being used by some hospitals now, for its antiseptic anti bug properties. I love the way nature brings us back to herself, we have so much to learn.

Grey skies, cold wind, dulled down, subdued water gave this scene such a sense of desolation and dejection, these boats looked so dismal and  tragic, you could almost feel their  sense of abandonment.

I liked the bit on the notice that said their adventures could fill a book...oh if only they could speak!
Maybe on a sunshiny day with gentle waves lapping at their hulls, it may look more as if they are happily resting after along and exciting lives.
Home to the warm fire and cheerful
thoughts of a another day off.

PS hoping the builder may be back this week..has he forgotten our bathroom...

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