Saturday, June 9, 2012

cold weather crafting

The snow has melted
sparkling drops were glinting on the trees
it was so beautiful.  The weather continues to be stormy....I love it!
I love winter!!!
I love crackling fires, woollen rugs, cosy slippers, winter clothes, hats, scarves, winter skies, winter seas, winter trees, winter food, frosty mornings, ice on puddles, bracing walks, lots of reading, hot soup,  winter crafting!!!
I have quite a few UFO's and a rather large stash of wool and fabric, I am looking forward to getting into some of this over the winter.  I have found rather a larger pile of unfinished projects than I had thought existed!!!  one of these is a sampler started a few years ago, I got heaps done and then came to the wording which is one thread over one thread...and became worried that I wasn't getting it right filed it...and have put it off until now! what a good feeling it is getting it done, I have set myself a few words each day and its taking shape.  ( I have to wear my new glasses with my old glasses over the top and sit under strong light to see what I'm doing!! LOL not the sort of stitching to do in public)  Now I see the birds on top of the trees aren't very clear so may pull that bit out and darken them...

Yesterday I made a couple of bags for friends who are sheep farmers and love all thing sheepy.  Unfortunately the fabric is new and not from the stash , but the lining is....

The crochet flowers keep coming, stitched some onto gloves and like it!

Also this weekend, did lots of fabric cutting, I finally have all the pieces cut ready to start sewing.  Its going to be a queen size bed quilt, with large plain squares, some 9 patch squares and some 4 patch squares.  (all from the stash)

 Can't wait to get sewing.

There is a big pot of homemade Pumpkin soup heating for lunch, the fire is on, its cold outside but the sun is shining through the windows, it's Sunday afternoon....bliss.

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