Saturday, June 16, 2012

The sampler...

I set myself a goal for this week, some letters or words everyday to be stitched on the sampler!  and most days I did at least get a few stitches in...Wednesday, my day off, I sat down and stitched away, three and a half pleased...smoothed it out and admiring.....Oh no!!!!!! very first letter I had put another loop on the n to make it m!!! amomg!   (LOL spell check just underlined this word for me...wish I had that on my embroidery!)  It took an hour and a half to unpick it....sigh!
I have this little hanger on my light stand and it really said it all!

And now the wording is finished....onwards and upwards, the end is in sight!  Yay!

After a prolonged stitching session on Friday night, decided a 'quick make' fix was required !!
I love to recycle, upcycle or make do and mend...I find this very rewarding....anyway , because I have quite a few( this is understated actually!) thrifted doilies , I decided to make some bathmats from some towels that no longer look their best.  My washing machine has hate sessions sometimes on towels and trys to rag them to pieces out of sheer spite.

Bathmat Tutorial
  I fold the towel in half whizz down the 3 open sides with the sewing machine on a slightly longer than normal stitch length, leaving a gap to turn it through. Turn it through and stitch opening closed.  Find a doily you like and sew it on, you can go round and round, across or both, depending on your mood!  Then when this is done sew about 5cms in from the edges all round to make a border.  You can of course use a new bathmat...but this doesn't count as upcycling! no points awarded!

blue mat is a purchased bath mat with attached doily the white one is a recycled towel

It feels special getting out of the bath or shower and standing on these.....

there has to be a blue and white one!

Because we are in the bathroom this the best view of it this week...

...and where you ask is the vexatious builder..well we haven't seen him for 2 weeks!!! but he has explained this , he's been a bit busy and wait for week is going fishing for the WEEK!

However there was a very happy lunchtime when I raced round to the local Restore and found these!!!!

(can you really have too many doilies?)
Also in this great find a pair of pretty vintage sheets with the pillowcases that Thrifty Fox will love, a cute teatowel edged with crochet and this divine pillowcase,

it has very fine crochet and little buttons that have tin on the back and the tops covered with very fine linen

isn't it beautiful.

And last but not least this cute old jigsaw puzzle complete with very busy elves, and a Teach a Tot ( I had this as a little girl and loved it , I like the expression on the little girls face on the box, and the fact that one of the pictures to make a word with is DONKEY!

Its always good to have a lunch break like that!
Another exciting find was in the garden yesterday some very, very early Matchheads decided to surprise me.

"Whether the eave-drops fall
Heard only in the trances of the blast
Or if the secret ministry of frost
Shall hang them up in silence icicles,
Quietly shining to the quiet moon".                        Samuel Taylor-Coleridge

                                                           diamonds on silken webs

 winter kale

The house smells of woodsmoke, apples and cones soaked in essential oils, its warm and cosy much to like about winter.

It was so good this week to have a needlework gift framed and posted off to Thrifty fox.

I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  And he is a foxy fox! when selecting the mount and frame the framer said he thought it matched the  CAT  really well!!!  I had to point out "that is so NOT a cat!!! it's a FOX  !!!"  LOL

Found these words this week, it's an old Irish blessing and lovely I think

May you always be blessed with walls for the wind
a roof for the rain 
a warm cup of tea by the fire
laughter to cheer you
those you love near you
and all that your heart might desire.  

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  1. hi there,
    thanks for visiting! Always a pleasure when people stop by my blog..even better when they leave a comment!
    I really enjoyed working on this quilt, and can't wait to get it finished and on our bed, although I really have made it for our new home which is currently under construction, I might even hand quilt it seeing as I likely have the time

    ... and NO you definitely cannot have too many doillies!! what will you do with them, any plans?
    How do you know Amy (aka Thrifty Fox), Amy and Toby shared a house with my son & daughter in law a few years back in Dunedin, fabulous couple.
    Enjoy your week, Shiree