Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bathroom progress

We have had progress in the bathroom....the addition of a working shower...........oh the sheer and utter bliss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its not until something is gone that we realise how much we take it for granted!
The week began with a very cold weather, hail and snow, washing in  buckets in the heaterless laundry was a bracing way to greet the day, hotties and cuddly throws were welcome evening companions
the hottie cover was one made from leftover scraps of fabric from a 'Hottie makeathon'...last winter.  The fabric is Amy Butler flannelette, lined with old woollen blankets, and the hearts filled with lemon verbena and lavender....mmmmmm makes me feel warm just writing about it!! The addition of favourite fluffy blue and white spotted sheets made bed a very cosy place to be.
we are now back to warm days and sunshine,which are wonderful, escaping from inside the house to leave the noise and dust behind.  Couldn't bear to spend the weekend with dust laden furniture so have had a big clean up and put some fresh flowers around, it certainly looks better. Another benefit is feeling satisfied with the housework,( although I fear the dust will be back tomorrow), is that you can sit and do a little stitching with out feeling guilty.  I am loving the new sampler book, unfortunately the projects are 'secret squirrel' at the moment. ( will show them at a later date)

the pretty pale lemon flower is a perennial cosmos which flowers in autumn, so delicate yet completely hardy in whatever the weather throws at it.

besotted with flow blue china...  Have done some tidying in the garden, also some planting of bulbs in pots. some weeding of weeds and became inspired by the Dandelions...
There are some very high expectations flying around this house this week!! in a bathroom sort of way!! I am hoping for long hot baths, smooth floors, lightshades and switches,a mirror...paint maybe a little way off yet, but oh just the anticipation is enough for now.
(such a relief to get to the end of this post! we have very bad gremlins in our computer, actually we think it is just wearying with old age, cantankerously only doing what it wants to and if its not in the mood it just refuses to do anything...must like blogging thankfully hehe)

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