Saturday, April 28, 2012


The week got off to a crashing start, we have been waiting to have our bathroom updated, and this week the builders arrived and made a start!  it really is a rustic look.  Hopefully next week it will be looking more inviting and have some of the necessities...whilst indoors noise levels were very high  it was a more gentle atmosphere outdoors.
The maples and pin oaks are almost bare,

others cling to last vestiges of summer, we have had sunny days and summer temperatures with virtually no rain,

this morning when walking to the river the clouds looked full of promise 
and this afternoon we have  beautiful steady rain watering the garden and filling our water tanks. Perfect for giving all the plants I put in today, stock, aquilegias, daisies and pansies, a good start.
Perfect also to have the fire lit, cup of tea in hand and delight in the new stitching book that arrived this week,
lots of stitchy goodness to be had in these pages!!!!

The rain and slight breath of wind has stirred some tiny insects into action and 2 very pretty visitors arrived to take advantage, only one was prepared to sit still long enough to have her photo taken while her friend continued to flit around.
NZ Fantail
Maybe by the next post we will have a functional bathroom  once really does make you appreciate how much we take modern life for granted.
PS.  the tomatoe yield this week....8!
PPs. the crochet flower addiction continues! 

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