Tuesday, April 3, 2012

more on Melbourne

Oh the Great Ocean Road.....we did a little detour to a big warehouse called KYO, its at Ocean Grove,the words of that old song "...I'm going back one day, come what may to ...", well that"s me, It was AMAZING! and oh so cruelly tempting for a sea loving person like myself, so many glass fishing floats, (I got a few) and all things nautical , antique furniture from exotic countries, moroccan lanterns, ( so  incredibly beautiful) tiles (I got a few), ceramic door knobs(I got 3, pale blue with white spots!) beads, and so so much more!!
On the way back to Melbourne we called at a beach not far  from Port Campbell,
the waves were enormous and the roar of the sea was deafening, some people got pretty excited..
others kept their feet firmly on the ground.
the photos don't show how wild the sea was.
We called in at a Walk in the Tops tourist stop, walkways very high in the trees
The Bush was so beautiful and some of it was very like NZ bush, there were a lot of tree ferns in the lower canopy, I guess both countries got some when Gondwana land split up.
One of  our most special moments on the trip was getting up close and personal to  this little guy and some of his friends on the road side!!    It took a  lot to drag ourselves away, we never imagined seeing Koala's in the wild.
we saw some Wallabies in the same area...glad we didn't see any of these though

(snake sign at tree top walk, we 3 kiwi's were very cautious and certainly kept a wary eye out!!! )
We saw some beautiful painted bollards at Geelong

some whimsical art on the side of a garage also on the journey

On a cooler,  more leisurely day we visited the Melbourne Library a beautiful historic building,
There was a little shopping fitted in too, we had a wonderful  time, and came home to heaps of ripened Tomatoes....so funny!!! some of which have now been made into soup and put in the very full Deep Freeze! I am going to have to get very creative in a tomatoe sort of way again soon...as yet more turn a rosy hue...maybe I could put some out for the easter bunny!

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