Sunday, April 15, 2012

The parcel!!

A short week is exactly that, it went past in a blur.  I have weeks that seem sooooo busy, just racing around doing things and then wondering at the end, 'what did I achieve?'  Its been one of those weeks for me...however, its not all my fault!  The crochet flower books should come with warnings of addiction!!  I have made more pansies and lots of other little borage flowers, some in lemon, which look like dainty little primroses.  I made some for a friend too.  The heartsease pansies look lovely with their 'whiskers' embroidered on.
We got a parcel this weekend it was a belated easter one, it was big and exciting, I think the postie wanted to stay and watch us open it actually!!! 
It was from Thrifty Fox. ( )
some lovely thrifted Mohair ...oh the possibilities, some knitting magazines,some beautifully illustrated children's books (I have somewhat of a love for these) chocolate bunnies, yum! and cute wee toadstool pegs, oh way  too cute.
some interesting articles on seaweed, keeping bees, garlic and a vegetable storage set of drawers to construct, a letter...

a white top to float about in next summer with delicate lacey edging....
a Hans Christian Andersen book called It's Absolutely True!, about some gossiping hens and how things can get so out of proportion, as anyone with chooks will know, they often do look as if they are having a real chat session . The illustrations in this book capture the personality of hens so well...and some chocolate chickens , much too young and little to cause trouble with gossipy cheeping.

This little book is totally delightful, I must look out for some more of this lady's work. 
Tucked into the parcel were a couple of coffee bags, which i have been wanting , hoping to make some outdoors cushions for the verandah and perhaps a totebag. 
Thankyou Thrifty Fox.

The husband was doing a little preserving this weekend,
making his Plum Gin, it involves Black Doris Plums, Gin and sugar, all put together in large jars and  left for about 6 months...much checking of this brew goes on over this time...finally the liquid is drained off and bottled, then sparingly drunk....making it last as long as is a much loved tipple.

On the beverage subject, I have been partaking of my Rhubarb Champagne, I  made another  batch a couple of weeks ago, it is delectable and really refreshing,and very simple to make.

Rhubarb Champagne Recipe

2 Kilos Rhubarb
1 1/2 kilos Sugar
3 tablespoons White wine vinegar
juice and grated rind of 4  lemons
10 litres of water

Chop up Rhubarb, combine all ingreds in a bucket (it helps to dissolve the sugar in some of the water warmed) leave in a  cool place for 48 hours.
Clear off all solids and strain well.
Store in bottles,can be plastic bottles. Leave 1 week prior to drinking.

...and yes, the tomatoes just keep on keeping on.... we have had tomato soup this week...and yes there are more coming along in the tunnel house.

I did get some gardening done too, the weather has been kind. Some more Hazelnuts were picked up...and so went the week.

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  1. Glad you liked the parcel. That gin looks rather scrummy, lol have counted those jars poppa bear!! xx