Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have been waiting for some  cold, wet crafting type days but the weather is beautiful with warm temperatures and sunny skies, fantastic for getting into the garden.  There comes a time  though when you just have to make something! Last year I knitted a few pairs of these handwarmers and a friend requested a pair, so before winter arrives I thought I should get them done.  They are fun to knit up and all they require to finish them  is a little pearl in the centre of each rose. Last seasons mitts had the knitted rose's as the pattern directed but they felt a little heavy so have used a crochet rose this time.
The book is a Paton's one, the patterns are lovely and knit up so well. I have knitted slippers and the scarf shown on the cover and have been pleased with them.
The evenings are closing in, the sunsets have been beautiful, and in the paddocks behind our house after a warm day,
 fog has been clinging to the land in the  hollows...
A friend gave me some crab apples, they speak to me of autumn, and another gave me some golden quinces , the perfume is heavenly.

A friend and I go for walks to the river and on the way home the sun sinks below the horizon, trees have been losing their leaves its all so peaceful and tranquil winding down for the evening.
It won't be very tranquil here this week though, we have a builder coming to renovate our bathroom!  yay! it really needs a freshen up, so after the messy bit is over we will be very happy chappies.

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