Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter days of sun and leisure, chocolate eggs and a good book, some of our eggs came in a basket.
this bunny came home with us from Melbourne, I love him!

we actually ate some healthy non chocolate eggs over the weekend, and popped some of "The Fairy" rose into one of the empty shells - it's such a wonderful flowering, healthy rose and perfect for picking.
A night at the beach was wonderful, lots of swimming in the sea, the hubby went biking, lots of reading and some crochet with a garden/flowery touch.  I  have had the book for ages and thought it time to actually get my hook out and get hooking....

some still need some of the ends sewn in,

these were such fun to make, I can't wait to  make some more. I have some ideas of what I want to do with them  so will do some more of this 'clean hands' gardening!
Still with the garden theme, I found this lovely longstitch picture at the Hospice Shop on Thursday, will make it into a cushion...
Hints of autumn in the garden...we are having such lovely warm and sunny weather easing us into winter  gently maybe...

We started harvesting our hazelnuts for the season - we pick them up by hand
it was very pleasant
 with the sun shining on our backs, and some stops for cups of tea from the thermette
Working at the kitchen bench has been a pleasure the last few days as a  friend dropped off this highly scented bunch of sweet peas,  the whole room has been perfumed and they are so pretty too. 
gosh long weekends go very fast, but then again,this will seem like a "short" week, and the weather forecast is for rain...maybe some more hooky flower gardening might be happening round here.


  1. Wow, you have been so busy. Just adore the crocheted flowers. The house looks amazing, making me terribly homesick. The bunny looks like he takes his deliveries seriously!! xxx

    1. LOL be warned the crocheted flowers are addictive! Bunny looks even more serious now..his egg basket is empty!
      We miss you too