Saturday, May 12, 2012

a busy week

What a busy week the past one turned out to be, with the build up to Mother's Day at work, an appointment in Queenstown on Wed and work everyday until Sunday! interspersed with builder dust...
Unfortunately the day in Queenstown was not a sunny one, a friend came with me, and the first stop was at the lake in Kingston for a cup of tea.

The scene was hauntingly beautiful, the mist swirled and moved around the peaks, it was reminiscent of the Scottish highlands....I could imagine tartan clad people going about their lives...  or maybe men in kilts emerging to a the call of the bagpipes friend said I must have a powerful imagination!lol
Lunch in Arrowtown,a flask of hot soup and sandwiches
lots of autumn colour and an enchanting little cottage nearby

A walk along the creek bank was a delight of

autumn colours, natures palette is so warm and bright at this time of year, her last fling before the winter.
The haws on the Hawthorns seemed much larger than the ones on the hedges at home, we picked some to put in vases .

The flowering currants were laden with pretty blue berries,

the colours along the way.
Thursday we had a lot of flowers in the shop,

lots of laughs and busyness, it feels good putting together flowers that are going to give others a lot of pleasure.  We have a website now too The other thing that happened this week was the demise of our ancient computer, so new computer and I am still finding my way about and getting used to the differences. The words Old dogs and new tricks , spring to mind!
Mothers day morning opening parcels is fun, from oldest daughter  a box of treats.

a n exquisitely stitched pillowcase with some of my fav things,

cute wee hedgehog, toadstool, and dragonflies.

Card making papers, little handsewn pouch, and nourishing homemade handcream for rough floristy hands,

delightful vintage linens , some with a nautical theme that I have never seen before, very cute.

And the best view of the bathroom this week

and now its off for a seaside walk and a visit with friends for the afternoon.

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