Sunday, December 2, 2012

A bit of sewing...

Have been feeling very unwell this past fortnight and today we are off to Dunedin for Chemo number 6...half way ... I think!!!  However on the few days I had feeling well this week I got on the sewing machine!  The weather is cold, wet and windy and it's supposed to be the start of summer...however perfect weather for inside creating! virtuous! using 'stash fabric'!!!  made up these laundry bags, they are great for popping in your suitcase to put laundry in, or shoes or just small things like socks and undies so you don't have to search through your bag to find them.  I line them with waterproof nylon so they wash and dry very quickly...really fun to make.

Whilst rustling through the 'stash' I found some fabric I thought a friend might like so made up 2 'Library book' bags, although they are handy for most things...including unfinished knitting projects etc!!!

Still in this virtuous using up my stash!  so good ! mood I decided that I would use up some of the pretty fabrics I have to embellish some sheets and cot sheets to put away in my "Nanna Glory Box"!!

...cute wee bunnies and I added a crochet edge.

little fairies with lace.....

...towels to match....

I  have had in my stash some material I think is gorgeous and wanted to do something special with it so have sewn it on to some pillowcases and single bed sheets...I think A wee child would like it...


So 2 lots of sheets and pillowcases...that machine was smoking!!!!

I also came across these vintage sheets whilst rummaging around in deep piles of fabric!!!

...from the old days when we had lots of products made here in NZ.  These are in for some embellishments at a later date!

I have started cutting out blocks for cot quilts to go with the sheets, and even though a thorough search of 'stash' fabric was undertaken I felt I needed just a couple of pieces of material to work in with what I had.... so after some blood tests in Invercargill headed round to Kitz N Things...such a dangerous place to will power deserted me and before I knew it I had purchased MORE fabric...but this is so cute !!! and will work in with the rabbit fabrics...its Beatrix Potter.... and features Hilltop Cottage, Mrs Tiggywinkle and friends...

...oh it's just tooooooo cute!!!

After this fall from the wagon!  I called in at the second hand store I used to frequent and picked up this little basket and a couple of bright doilies....

This fortnight I am hoping for more 'good days' !!!! cot quilts to make and if the weather improves some gardening.

Evening light is always so beautiful.

Have a happy week doing what you love!!!!

"Everyday love corners me somewhere and 
surrounds me with peace-
without having to look very far or very hard
or do something special-"

(Thomas Merton)



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