Sunday, December 9, 2012


What a joy it is to be up and about!!!  lying in bed is just not me...however it's Monday today and I have a whole week of "wellness" to look forward to before Chemo number 7! and that will be just over the half way mark!!!

Not a lot going on with me this week, but did find in a bag some little hats that just needed to be sewn up and the finishing touches added so did achieve something!!

..also have been stitching a little on the rascally french creatures...

In the mail arrived the most exquisitely  stitched cube, on the finest linen from a dear must have taken hours's beautiful!  Thankyou.

each side is different..

Last week we had a 'hatching' 4 little chicks emerged from their shells in the incubator and are doing well....

they don't live under this wire cover but in a box with a heat lamp,  they were not keen on a photo shoot so containment was necessary!

Our weather has been very changeable, lots of grey, windy, showery days...but summer is here as the Foxgloves are making an appearance.....

   The folklore that goes with these flowers I just love...and from the The Secret Language of Flowers by Samantha Gray...

you can read about some of these magical beliefs....guess those naughty foxes would have had to wear white foxgloves to sneak up on henhouses in the snow.... the fairies handpaint their spotted throats ?....maybe they embroider them if they are also known as fairy thimbles....

they pop up all over the garden.but always in the perfect place....

It was time to get out the Foxglove china for the porch....

I do LOVE this china...a few years ago it was very expensive..hence a lot of mine has chips (I don't mind) ..but I think it  isn't 'in fashion' now so it appears to be getting cheaper.

 "Be faithful to your own taste
nothing you really like 
is ever out of style! "

(B Baldwin)

My lovely husband picked these from the garden yesterday for me.

Have a happy week.  x


  1. Your garden is looking beautiful... pleased to hear you have reached half way with the chemo.

    1. Thankyou! .... no close ups of weeds!!
      I am so pleased to have reached halfway point too, thanks for all your lovely comments and cheery